What is your closet reflecting back to you?

If your physical world is a reflection of your inner world, what does your closet convey to you?




At a certain point, you will be presented with the opportunity to turn the current state of your closet into another form. Perhaps tranquility, relief, breathing room and most certainly, clarity and direction.

What will you choose?


What habits could you implement in your day to day life that would make a difference for yourself and even with your friends and family? It might be practicing following through, or noticing when you're neglecting your well-being and choosing to do something to take care of yourself. It may even look like learning not to automatically dismiss your thoughts and feelings and practicing acknowledging and validating yourself.

We all have habits, patterns and behaviors that keep us from doing those things that are close to our heart. It's okay, it happens. Sometimes you may even...


It’s important to keep in mind what to keep and whether or not to get rid of something because, your closet is only so big. Whether you do this on a yearly, seasonally, whenever you buy a new item or whenever you feel like it. Based on your closets size and the hangers you choose to use, you only have so much room before things turn into a clothes jungle and hill of stuff. But you might say, Mikayla, I have four other closets in my house that contain all of my clothes. Yeah, and if you take an honest look at that, do you really want to maintain four closets just for your current wardrobe?...


As a sovereign being. And the supreme ruler over my space. I get to write the rules for what is and what is not acceptable.

This includes:

• My environment.

• The people I choose to surround myself with.

• What I choose to put into my body.

• Speaking up for myself. And being an advocate for my self-respect.


1. Those that are vertically challenged

2. People above 5’11” with large shoe sizes

3. Those that are in the wisdom ages, 55+

4. Those that maneuver their day in a wheelchair

Take Lisa for example, when she moved into her dream home, she thought her closet would fit her needs, yet quickly found out her pants meet the floor, which causes wrinkles galore. Her shoes poke out over her shelves. And her shirts drag the shelf below. You get the point.

This is where closet design services come in. A designer would meet you at your Austin home, truly get to know your...