As a sovereign being. And the supreme ruler over my space. I get to write the rules for what is and what is not acceptable.

This includes:

• My environment.

• The people I choose to surround myself with.

• What I choose to put into my body.

• Speaking up for myself. And being an advocate for my self-respect.

Copy of Questions to ask yourself when you're not sure what decision to make..png

1. Those that are vertically challenged

2. People above 5’11” with large shoe sizes

3. Those that are in the wisdom ages, 55+

4. Those that maneuver their day in a wheelchair

Take Lisa for example, when she moved into her dream home, she thought her closet would fit her needs, yet quickly found out her pants meet the floor, which causes wrinkles galore. Her shoes poke out over her shelves. And her shirts drag the shelf below. You get the point.

This is where closet design services come in. A designer would meet you at your Austin home, truly get to know your...