10 questions to ask yourself when you don't know what decision to make.png

Big Decisions

Is this at the expense of my well-being?

Am I self-sacrificing?

Does this financially make sense for me to do?

Is there anything I'm unclear about and need more info?

Will this distract me from the major goals I am committed to this year?

in Collaboration with others

Do I resonate with them?

Does my vision and where I see the company going align with them?

Is there alignment in messaging?

Everyday purchases.



As a sovereign being. And the supreme ruler over my space. I get to write the rules for what is and what is not acceptable.

This includes:

• My environment.

• The people I choose to surround myself with.

• What I choose to put into my body.

• Speaking up for myself. And being an advocate for my self-respect.