10 questions to ask yourself when you don't know what decision to make.png

Questions to consider when you don't know which decision to make

Big Decisions

Is this at the expense of my well-being?

Am I self-sacrificing?

Does this financially make sense for me to do?

Is there anything I'm unclear about and need more info?

Will this distract me from the major goals I am committed to this year?

in Collaboration with others

Do I resonate with them?

Does my vision and where I see the company going align with them?

Is there alignment in messaging?

Everyday purchases.

Does this feel heavy or light? Do I feel expansive in this choice, or restrictive.

Does this feel like an easy purchase?

For me, when I feel a knot in the center of my abdomen, that means I'm making a decision that's not of my highest good. It's a no.